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Design with Nature

Best Natural solution
We use natural textile materials and draw product design inspiration from nature.
Natural merino wool is soft and comfortable,absorbs sweat and wicks moisture,regulates temperature,continuously eliminates odors,keeps dry,prevents ultraviolet rays,and is non-flammable.
For all the demanding requirements of our sportswear,nature has prepared the perfect solution for us.

Environmental Friendly

From Nature , Back to Nature
Merino wool is 100% natural. It grows naturally from tens of millions of sheep living in Australia and New Zealand every year , consuming water , air ,sunlight and pasture,
Wool is renewable and biodegradable. The treated wool fibers will naturally decompose in the soil.It only takes a few years to re-release valuable nutrients into the ground.

Balance & Sustainbility

Combine Technology & Nature
In some aspects ,man-made fibers are still irreplaceable . The balanced use with wool can give full play to the advantages of different fibers.They are partly added to sportswear to improve elasticity , firmness  and resistance to acids and alkalis.
They make woolen garments more closefitting, comfortable,wear-resistant easy to maintain,and have a longer service life.